Volunteer with Crossroads Care

Do you have some spare time and would like to give something back or support people in your community? 

By volunteering for Crossroads Care, you are supporting and empowering our localities unpaid carers, people living with a disability, or people who are socially isolated.

Crossroads Care are a charity, and we are always developing innovative new ways to support people.  We have a range of activities that seek willing volunteers to become involved with.  These include:

  • Gents Pub Club
  • Ladies Lunch Group
  • Carers Social Events
  • Skittles Groups
  • Friendship Groups

Giving back to our community and gaining a personal sense of satisfaction is just one of the benefits.  Volunteers can access a wide range of training opportunities and experiences that can develop and improve your personal profile.  This could enhance your career prospects, provide you with a good reference or supplement weak areas of your CV.

More information is provided in the downloadable literature below, but we would love to hear from you if you are interested.  Please message us through the website, or telephone 01594 823414.

Volunteers Leaflet

What can you get involved with?

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