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Businesses, Organisations and Companies

Businesses and organisations can make a big difference for people with dementia and their carers by making a commitment to become more dementia-friendly in three key areas: People, Processes and Place.

“Doing good is good for business”
Why does making retail more dementia friendly matter?

The Alzheimers Society have done a lot of analysis around this area, and “put simply, every retailer wants to provide great customer service. This includes understanding what improves a retail experience for all people including those with dementia, their families and carers and giving them the support that they need”.
Why not encourage your employees to become Dementia Friends within your workplace by registering your company with the Alzheimers Society online, and then your employees will need to firstly watch ‘Understanding Dementia’ which is a four minute video on what dementia is and how it might affect someone. Then, there are sector specific videos to include: Public Transport; Paying for Things; Filling out Forms and On the Phone.

If you would prefer a more personal touch, why not contact one of our enablers to attend for a FREE Dementia Awareness Session.

Schools and Education

Most children have grandparents, some of whom may have dementia. Children are our future, and it is therefore crucial to help children be more aware of the disease, and how they can make a difference.

Since the formation of the Alliance we have been working very closely with Newent Community School who have developed a resource that can help learning surrounding dementia. The Enablers have been working hard to connect to all other Senior schools in the District to assist with delivering dementia education in some way. To download a copy of this resource, please click here.
We are also in the process of reviewing a resource of a Memory Booklet to help primary aged children understand a bit more about Dementia. Once the review is complete it will also be available for the Wider Community too. We are now also working with some Junior and Primary Schools as well, and are working towards some intergenerational projects too. Watch this space!

Children and Youth 

We are encouraging organisations who support children and youth such as the well known Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Guides, who have badges that learning about dementia can contribute towards. In addition to working with these groups, we are proactively working with children and young people to help engage them into learning about this subject, and inspire them to help those who are living in their communities. If you are connected to any of these organisations, and you would like our input or support please do not hesitate to contact us.


We can also deliver Dementia Friends Sessions which are tailored to the various Key Stages and ages of Young People, and we have also developed a memory booklet for schools which we are currently reviewing which will assist families to connect with their children in a non clinical way, and talk about dementia and it’s affects. This Booklet will be available for everyone in the community once it has been fully reviewed.

Partnership Working 


We are connecting, strengthening and developing links between statutory organisations and the wider community to enable people to be able to access information easier, support and guidance both prior to, during and after diagnosis, which in turn will assist in strengthening the community.

Things To Do and Places To Go

If you are a member of a group or organisation are you Dementia Aware – contact us for further information.


Things to do and places to go are important to everyone, and that includes people living with dementia, their families and carers. They may need support to be able to access these things to do and places to go, and as such we are trying to contact as many of these hobby and interest groups as possible to ensure that they have the information and support to keep people attending and included.


A great example of how this works is that we have been supporting Cinderford Bowling Club.


We have managed to negotiate with some clubs free sessions for people with dementia, their carers, friends and family to “try”, please contact us for full details.

Community Work

Meet our Community Enablers here. If you would like a FREE informal Dementia Awareness Session for your group, business, organisation, friends, family or simply for a group in your community just give us a call, and we can make arrangements for your requirements.

We within the Enabler Team are able to provide awareness, training and support whatever your enquiry. Most of our training is FREE of charge. Why not visit our Events and Training Page to look at current opportunities.

Town and Parish Councils 

We have been working with the District, Town and Parish Councils who are a catalyst in our communities. Over the last 15 months the Dementia Friendly Community Enablers have been in contact with all the Town and Parish Councils in the District, to work with them and to show them how they can enable their communities. Their support is key to enable de-stigmatisation of dementia, and to enable the cascading of positive messages. Stigma is often what prevents people from getting the help and support that they need.

The work that we have already been doing with the Councils is fantastic, and we have set ourselves a target to engage with ALL Councils within the District by the beginning of 2019. This should help us to lever in external funding to respond to issues identified by people living with dementia and their families within our very own communities!

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