Buddying service

Services for children and young adults is very much a person-centred approach, bespoke to each individual.

Each care package is developed in line with the changing needs of the young person, proactively anticipating potential needs and pitfalls through regular dialogue with the young person, their family, social care and multi-agency meetings.

Young people have a care team built around them, with their interests and hobbies in mind.

For many, the time spent with support staff and buddies is the only time they spend away from their families. This gives carers much needed respite, while also developing the young person’s social independence and social skills.

  •  Funded through the children with disabilities social work team (Herefordshire)
  •  Direct payments for young people
  •  Private payments.

Specialist groups, clubs and family social events

Skills clubs are for children and young people aged 8-16 with high functioning autism, who, due to past experiences, bullying, their disability, not being fully understood or supported, are unable to attend other out of school activities.

The clubs provide a vibrant, safe and welcoming environment in which children and young people can build confidence, self-esteem and assist them to meet their full social and academic potential.

Skills clubs run in Cinderford, Hereford and Leominster and run during school term times. A range of exciting, age-appropriate activities ensures that the young person has something to look forward to and an opportunity to meet and make new friends.

Access to the club is through a professional referral, contact our Children and Young Adults Team to find out more.

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