Testimonial from attendee of Crossroads Friendship Group

I started coming to the Friendship Group last summer with my mum.  I had just started caring for mum after dad died a few months before and I was still learning about the extent of her dementia. 

Whilst dad was caring for her, he covered for her in many ways and while the family knew she clearly had some form of dementia, it wasn’t until dad died that we began to see the full extent of it.  We had no diagnosis at that point.

Initially, I had many reservations about coming along, thinking that at best, it would be something I should have to endure for mum’s sake.  However, as the weeks progressed, seeing mum come to life during the activities and the sparkle return to her eyes, I realised that I was looking forward to Monday afternoons as much as she was.

I found getting to know the other carers and people living with dementia hugely inspiring – seeing all the love there is just so moving.  The group really gels together – true friendships have grown out of it and it is an immensely supportive and encouraging place to be.

I have learnt so much about the nature of dementia and how to care for people living with dementia, about caring and the support that is available in the community.  The Crossroads staff are so helpful and informative.  I now make time spend with mum - more fun for both of us, bringing activities like arts and crafts or cooking into our day, which makes our time together more meaningful.

The Friendship Group is the highlight of mum’s week – providing fun, stimulation and true friendship.  For me it is a place where I find support, much laughter and, like mum, friendship.

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