Message from Forget Me Not - Top tips for travelling with dementia

Summers coming, deciding to travel?

Whether taking a short trip to see friends and family or travelling a far distance for vacation, it's important to consider the difficulties and benefits of travel for a person with dementia. In the early stages of dementia, a person may still enjoy traveling. As the disease progresses, travel may become too overwhelming.

·        Go with the travel option that provides the most comfort and the least anxiety.

·        Stick with the familiar. Travel to known destinations that involve as few changes in daily routine.

·        Keep in mind that there may come a time when traveling is too disorienting or stressful for the person with dementia.

Tips for a safe trip:

·        Even in the early stages of dementia, new environments may be more difficult to navigate. Take precautions and, enrol in the Medic Alert Scheme or similar.   If an extended holiday consider contacting the local Alzheimer's Society for resources and support.

·        Keep a bag with you including medications, a change of clothes, water, snacks and activities.

·        Create an itinerary that includes details about each destination. Give copies of your itinerary to emergency contacts at home. Keep a copy of your itinerary with you at all times.

·        If you will be staying in a hotel, inform the staff ahead of time of your specific needs.

·        Travel during the time of day that is best for the person with dementia.

Documents to take with you when travelling:

·        Doctors' names and contact information

·        A list of current medications and dosages

·        Phone numbers/addresses of local police and fire departments, hospitals etc.

·        A list of food or drug allergies

·        Copies of legal papers (living will, advanced directives, power of attorney, etc.)

·        Names and contact information of friends and family members to call in case of an emergency

·        Insurance information (policy number, member name)



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