Changes to carers support in Herefordshire

The 31st of March 2018 saw an end to the Carers Health and Wellbeing Service in Herefordshire, as the contract came to its end.

We've had just under three very successful years supporting an enormous number of people in the county - we wanted to thank everyone for getting involved with our service, and look forward to being there for you in the future.

The Health and Wellbeing Service began in October 2015 after changes to The Care Act (2014). The service was a fairly new operation for us, compared to the respite breaks we traditionally delivered. Nonetheless, it was met with much excitement and anticipation as we opened our new office at the Fred Bulmer Centre and met a huge range of new people and organisations!

The service was based around carers who had had a carers assessment in Herefordshire. Those who were deemed to have eligible needs were referred to us for additional support, although we were more than happy to support carers who didn’t require an assessment as well. 

After a home visit to get to know the carer, a key worker would fill out a support plan, working with them to overcome any identified needs.  The support ranged from working closely with a key worker, accessing grants, getting in touch with other organisations, a range of trips and activities and much more.  We made sure that we were accessible for all carers, touring the county, having stands at village halls and town markets.

As this service draws to a close, we’re excited about the future and the range of amazing services that we will be offering to you.  Keep an eye on our website or sign up to our mail lists to find out about a range of exciting services, delivered by Crossroads Care.

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