Bakers - We need you!

Every month, we run an exciting range of social events, clubs and activities for our local unpaid carers, their families, friends and people they support.

This means that we can get through a lot of cake!

We’re looking for volunteer cake makers and biscuit bakers, who have some spare time, to help us cater for these charitable events.

The events that we provide are made possible through fundraising, grants and donations. This means that costs to the people attending are kept to a minimum or even no charge at all. Ensuring our events are accessible to the people that really need them.

The groups provide a valuable break for unpaid carers, where they can access information, advice and support from our specialist staff and friends.

If you can support us by becoming a volunteer baker, we would be extremely grateful.  For more information, contact us on 01594 823414 or email