Active Living Boat Project – Week 3!

We’ve been working on our project for over three weeks now!  It’s really starting to come together and the garden is looking fantastic.

At our Active Living Group in Hereford, we are thankful that we started work on the boat and garden, just in time to enjoy the fabulous weather we have been receiving recently!

In case you didn’t know, our group are up-cycling an old boat, previously abandoned and without any care or attention for a long time, alongside other groups running at the Aspire Community Hub.

So far, we’ve managed to move, clear, sand the boat down, applied filler to the cracks and primed it ready to start painting and decorating.  Each group helping us will get their own section of the boat to make their mark on and decorate.

This week, everyone worked hard to apply the first coat of paint onto the bottom of the boat, as you can see in the picture on the left.

One carer remarked that her husband taking part in these wonderful activities is having a positive impact on his mental health.  After regular visits to the doctor, he was recommended to start taking antidepressants.  However, during his most recent visit, his doctor said that they were no longer required and even pushed back the next check-up from every four months, to six!  It was suggested that remaining active and taking part in these groups was a major factor contributing to this change.

Crossroads Active Living Group is aiming to complete the project by July the 11th, so it can be entered into Hereford in bloom.

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